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Map of Mid Western Germany

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Mid Western Germany Map - The Rhine Valley is found here (Rhein Westerwald near Bonn), famed for its wines, beautiful scenery and medieval castles. Major parks in this region include:

Places to Visit

  • Bielefeld Eastern Westphalia - Bielefeld Wine Festival, natural park surrounds, museums, theatre and the Sparrenburg Castle Festival are just some of the attractions.
  • Bonn North Rhine-Westphalia - set along the Rhine, this city has more than 2000 years of history to explore.
  • Duisburg - Wedau Water World in the Duisburg Sports Park, CityPalais, the Inner Harbour Duisburg, are just some of the many places to go - Duisburg is in the heart of Europe.
  • Dortmund - the economic and cultural centre of Westphalia. Located in the Ruhr Valley, it has been historically a wealthy industrial centre while today, hi-tech industries have become a major feature.
  • Münster - City of sculptures, bicycles and the Peace of Westphalia. Plenty of things to see and do for families, as well shopping, entertainment, arts and culture.
  • Düren North Rhine-Westphalia - The city centre is green alongside the Rur River. Jazz is treasured here, the Anna Market continues to attract visitors, another attraction is Castle Burgau, its construction began in 1100 and has been fully restored.
  • Düsseldorf North Rhine-Westphalia - the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia and is famed for its fashion shows and trade exhibitions.
  • Essen North Rhine-Westphalia - historically, the largest coal and steel industry Ruhr city. A modern city with over a thousand years history. Places to Visit: The Zollverein Colliery, now a World Cultural Heritage Site, the Colosseum at Berliner Platz and the Folkwang Museum. Also 50%of the city area consists of parkland and gardens, particularly alongside the River Ruhr and Baldeney Lake.
  • Göttingen - The City of Science, Göttingen is a traditional university town with all the diversity of a rich cultural and scientific history. The historical old town, still enclosed by much of its medieval defence wall has grand churches and wooden buildings dating back to the 14th century.
  • Hannover - Places to visit in Hannover include the Old Town, The Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen and Lake Maschsee. Plenty of nightlife and entertainment, a good collection of restaurants, bars and lounges to try.
  • Münster - Places to Go include the Ludgeri quarter for its many restaurants, pubs and cafés, Erbdrostenhof Palace, the Westphalian State Museum of Art and Art History and the Cathedral of St. Paul’s.
  • Möchengladbach - A green city. Visit the Abteiberg Museum, for its contemporary fine art, the Alter Markt Square, for its market. At night, enjoy its many restaurants, cafés and pubs, also at Alter Markt Square.
  • Kassel - Kassel was rebuilt from the ground up after WW2 with modern architecture. Places to visit include Wilhelmshöhe Park, the Natural History Museum, The Brothers Grimm Museum and the Museum of Astronomy and Physics.
  • Krefeld - the city was centre for the finest of textiles, fit for royalty in the 1700s and still is, it hosts the largest outdoor fashion show in the world. It also has 3 major art galleries and the German Textile Museum. Linn Castle is also worth visiting.
  • Köln (Cologne) North Rhine-Westphalia - its famed cathedral still dominates the city’s landscape.
  • Wuppertal Bergisches Land - Places include the Von der Heydt Museum, the Museum of Early Industrialisation, the Friedrich Engels Museum and the sculpture park, with its contemporary sculptures.

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National Parks in Mid Western Germany

  • Naturpark Dümmer
  • Naturpark Hohes Venn - Eifel
  • Kellerwald-Edersee
  • Hainich
  • Harz

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