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Regional Apple Wine Festival by the Gutenberg Statue in Frankfurt am Main, Hesse
Photo: Regional Apple Wine Festival by the Gutenberg Statue in Frankfurt am Main, Hesse

Hesse Germany Travel Guide

The state of Hesse has some of the most beautiful scenery of the country. Its capital, Wiesbaden, is a favourite with visitors from around the world while Frankfurt is its largest city and is the financial centre for Germany and hence, much of Europe.

Places to Visit in Hesse

Places to visit in Hesse include Waldecker Land, with its Eder Lake and its many health resorts. The Rheingau is a wine growing region, famous for its Rieslings.

Other places include Bad Homburg. Built around a castle in the middle ages, it dates back to 1180. Famous as one of Germany’s best Spas, it has retained much of its charm and splendour.

Bad Homburg is still very a much a favourite with Germans as well as visitors, it was a retreat for the Royal Family of Prussia from 1871. Visit the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Bad and the Schloss for a vision of its 19th Century royal splendour.

Limburg has also retained much of its middle ages charm. The Dom, built alongside the River Lahn, a tributary of the Rhine River in Hesse, was constructed in the during the years 1190 to 1250. This beautiful Romanesque, French Gothic inspired building towers above the landscape. The town also has the oldest free standing house in Germany, along with other fine examples of timber medieval houses.

Not far from there is the Burg, a castle built during the 1300s to the 1600s. It now contains the Diézesan Museum. In fact in this part of the middle Rhine Valley, there are numerous hilltop and island castles that were built and used over a thousand years.

A typical castle in this region is Ehrenfels (Burg Ehrenfels) now a ruined castle above the Rhine Gorge near the town of Rüdesheim am Rhein in Hesse, Germany. Built on the steep eastern side of the river, it sits amid the vineyards. There is a grape variety named after the castle, Ehrenfelser.

Visitors to Hesse will find a very diverse and scenic countryside, many historic buildings, monuments, towns and cities with outstanding leisure facilities, making it a great place to visit for young and old.


Frankfurt offers cultural attractions as well as a very active nightlife. Its many cultural attractions are part of its appeal, but you will find that nature and the surrounding countryside are never too far away. Take a cruise on the River Main to explore Central Germany and experience Nuremberg, Bamberg, Würzburg and places like charming village of Miltenberg in Bavaria.

Hesse is also home to a number of Germany’s best universities as well as research institutes. Frankfurt is also Germany’s financial and banking centre

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Hotels in Frankfurt

You can find a good range of luxury and mid-range hotels, but also serviced apartments to budget accommodatin.

Photo: Regional Apple Wine Festival by the Gutenberg Statue in Frankfurt am Main, Hesse

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The Main River flows through Hesse
Photo: The Main River flows through Hesse

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